Every Business Needs A Website

If you run a modern business you need a modern website- something that helps you stand out in the sea of competitors.

But where do you start?

Start Here.

Every website is hosted on a computer called a server computer.

Generally you have two options when it comes to hosting your site on a server, you can host it on your own machine or you can let someone else host it for you.

Self hosting is a great option! You need a computer that is connected to the internet and you need to have some way for external computers to know how to connect to you. Computers look up a domain name that you have registered using a dns service. This service turns your domain name ( into an IP Address (

Many Internet Service Providers will offer an option to get a Static IP Address which will allow you to have an address where people can always reach you. Then you have to register your domain name with a registration service (there are many many registration services available online) you then link your domain name with your static ip address and whamo your computer is connected to the big bad internet

Once your computer is available to the outside world you need to actually create your website. This task is somewhat comperable to creating an ornate word document, but it takes some pretty specific knowledge. You can View The Source Of This Page Here to see what a website usually looks like under the hood.

We actually recommend you pick up a book on HTML and CSS whether you decide to make your own website or not. Having an understanding of how the internet works not only helps you in business, but it could also keep you safer while browsing. If you understand how things work, it's harder to fool you into clicking something you really ought not.

Dandy. I Don't Have The Time.

That is what we are here for!

If you would like us to do the legwork, no problem. As you can see from the website we've built here, we know a thing or two about websites. We've created some tools that make things easier for us and you.

Generally hosting a website is inexpensive (typically less than 20$/month) but creating a website is not a simple process and is a bit more expensive. You can expect around $2000 for a full website, depending on the content. Nonsoftware is a company built with goodness in mind, if you are a non-profit company or simply struggling, call us and we can reduce if not eliminate the development cost of building your site.

One word of caution though, while we can provide a lot for you, some of the information for your website simply must come from you. We don't have any pictures of your products, disclaimer information, or documents you need to display. Clear communication will make the process quicker and easier for everyone involved.

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